The All Time Worst Trade in NBA History?

News has broken that the Memphis Grizzlies have traded Pau Gasol to the LA Lakers for Kwame Brown, Javaris Crittendon, the rights to Marc Gasol (!), Aaron McKie, and 2 first round draft picks.  M. Gasol is still overseas and is nowhere near the player his older brother is, McKie is semi-retired.  I sure hope this is just Phase 1 in Chris Wallace’s plans to rebuild the Grizzlies, and that another deal will be announced in the coming days, because on paper, this may be the worst one-sided trade in the history of the NBA.  We just traded the franchise’s only All-Star for a guy who is possibly the biggest bust of a #1 pick ever.  What are they thinking?!?!?!  I sure hope there is more to this story….

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5 Responses to The All Time Worst Trade in NBA History?

  1. Paul Jackson says:

    Come on Wes! Did you not hear yourself say 2 first round picks? You don’t know the value of the trade until you see what happens with those picks. Imagine the possibilities. Might have been other issues at work. I can think of several possibilities. Be cool bro.

  2. Paul Jackson says:

    Come on Wes! Did you not hear yourself say, “2 first round draft picks” ? Won’t really know the value of the trade until you see what happens with those picks. Remember the Herschell Wallker trade? Bodies and picks sounds like a way to rebuild. Also there may be other issues at work. Be cool bro.

  3. coomercove says:

    Wes, here is a that discusses a Gasol to LA trade for Brown that went up a few hours before the trade was announced. The key to this trade is that it makes Memphis the biggest player in free agency after this year. Not only will they have the most cap space to bid on free agents, there will be very few teams to bid against them.

    You mentioned that you hoped they had another trade in the works. A trade that send Stromile Swift to the Nets for Jason Collins should be finalized Monday. Oh wait… that wasn’t the trade you were hoping for was it?

    GM Chris Wallace denies this is a trade to make the team more attractive to a potential buyer. He said in an interview last night that Marc Gasol has improved and if had entered this year’s draft instead of last year, he would be a high first round pick. Wallace says he traded one player for four #1 draft picks (Crittendon, M. Gasol, 2008, 2010) and a lot of cap space.

    I wouldn’t call this the worst trade in history, but he does look one sided. This is a trade that will take years to fully judge.

  4. coomercove says:

    I see a few typos in my comment above. Hope it still makes sense.

  5. Greg says:

    sorry, the trade for Trevor Ariza, the lakers gave them brian cook was flat out larceny.
    cook has played about 3 minutes for the magic, while ariza will be a legend of robert horry proportions, by the time he is done

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