Same people, different groups

Good morning and welcome to my first contribution to Burke’s Brainwork! This is a topic I’ve had on my mind for a while now but haven’t shared it because I’ve had trouble coming up with the best way to express what I am wanting to say. I in no way intend for this to be negative against any groups or singers, it is more of a “ya ever notice” type of thought.

I was thinking the other day how singers are featured at a different level when they are with various groups. Not necessarily the number of songs they get to sing on an album or in a concert, but the songs themselves. I’m probably not making any sense so let me give a few examples to get the discussion started. You can comment on my examples or come up with some of your own.

Mark Trammell was the original baritone for Greater Vision. Understandably their sound was built around lead singer and owner Gerald Wolfe. Mark got his share of features but years later, the only one that stands out in my mind is “He Is Mine.” Thinking back to his days with The Cathedrals you could name off Master Builder, Sin Will Take You Farther, Scars and Stripes, and so forth. When he joined Gold City, he got the majority of the power ballads in their projects and I personally feel his vocal talents were showcased much more with songs like “Calvary Came Through” and “Show Me the Cross.” I would say he was more of a standout with Gold City than his previous groups, but a lot of that probably came with his previous experience and following in the industry.

For example two I will use Curt Davis. He was on board when The Whisnants really went to “the next level” so to speak. If you get a chance, listen to their CDs “Still Standing” and “A Glimpse of Grace.” He was a great lead vocalist with a nice range. When the Perrys went from a 2 female/2 male to a 1 female/3 male lineup, I was excited to hear that Curt was going to be their first baritone. This group’s sound was built mostly around Libbi Stuffle and powerhouse lead vocalist Loren Harris. Curt recorded 4 CDs with The Perrys and though he blended well, he never really had any songs that were released to radio or even stood out.

I’m looking forward hearing back from everyone!



Hidden Gems: Legacy Five – “Unless”

This 3/4 ballad was on Legacy Five’s Monuments project. I always thought this was one of the stronger songs on the project, though “Not That You Died”, “Roll Away”, and “Out Of My Darkness” got the radio play. Scott Fowler sings the first verse, and does a good job. Smooth quartet harmonies highlight the chorus, then a key change and Frank Seamans takes the second verse. Another key change comes after the second chorus, and a round-like tag with really nice harmony leads to a (false) ending. The key changes again and they repeat the last couple of lines of the chorus and the round-like tag again. This is a great song, and the harmony on the tag is marvelous. Frank Seamans’ performance is very strong here, one of his best on the disc. The lyrics are strong, the arrangement is spot on, and there is just a lot to like about this tune. Give it a listen.

Brad Hudson Leaving The Greenes

According to this post on the SN forums, Brad Hudson is leaving the Greenes to take a position at a church in Charlotte.  He cites a desire to stay home with his wife and infant son.  He will be staying with the group through Taranda’s delivery and return to the road in April.  The Greenes are now looking for a replacement.  Brad is a great singer and good guy.  He was with 3 for 1 for a long time before joining the Greenes, and is extremely talented.  I wish Brad nothing but the best, and the Greenes the best in their search for his replacement.

Unused GVB Songs

In reviewing Wes Hampton’s blog posts, there is a tidbit in an older post (from Jan. 22) that they had to cut 4 songs that were recorded for Lovin’ Life due to space constraints.  He mentions that one will be used on an upcoming Christmas CD (another little juicy tidbit).  No mention is made of the other 3 songs.  Hey guys, here’s a suggestion.  Make them available as digital downloads on your shop!  Not only would this most likely produce some significant additional revenue from the downloads, but could drive other sales as it will be a traffic driver to the online store.  It’s amazing what putting these three songs online for 99 cents apiece would do for you.  Just a suggestion from a humble blogger.

Welcome A New Contributor

Please take a minute to welcome a new contributor to this blog, Nate Pritchard.  Those of you who frequent various SG message board sites will know Nate very well.  I’ve known him for well over 10 years now in the online world, and we often times have similar perspectives on SG related issues.  Nate has a real knack for finding interesting tidbits that he will be sharing from time to time.  To borrow a phrase from about every SG MC, make him feel welcome!  It’s a privilege to have you aboard, my friend.

GVB’s Lovin’ Life Track Listing

Wes Hampton has posted the track listing for the new Gaither Vocal Band CD, Lovin’ Life, on his blog (hat tip, NP). Here is the listing:

  1. I’m Forgiven*
  2. Build an Ark*
  3. Jesus and John Wayne
  4. Go Ask*
  5. Home of Your Dreams
  6. Search Me Lord*
  7. Lonely Mile
  8. There’s Always a Place at the Table
  9. The Diff’rence is in Me
  10. I’m Lovin’ Life
  11. When I Cry
  12. Prisoner of Hope
  13. Then He Bowed His Head and Died*

I agree with NP’s count of 5 remakes, denoted with an asterisk.  There was an instrumental released by Henry Slaughter with the Imperials called “Lonely Mile”, but I seriously doubt the one listed above is the same song.  If by chance it is, then that would make 6 covers, the rest originals.  The CD is due out April 8.  I’m especially excited to hear their version of “I’m Forgiven”, if it is the Imperials song (which I expect) and not the Florida Boys song by the same title.  I like the FB song fine, but I like the classic Imps tune better.

BFA’s New Single

Brian Free noted Friday night that “I Believe God” is their new radio single, having shipped to radio last week.  Great choice, I love the song.  However, I also think it would be worth taking a shot at releasing this song to CCM radio (esp. K-LOVE).  As I said in my concert review, this song would have sounded at home on a 4Him CD.  It’s a great song, and has enough of a contemporary edge that I think it could get some decent airtime on CCM stations, at least ones that play the softer side of CCM (NewSong, Point of Grace, Michael W. Smith, et. al.) and could possibly even see some minor CCM chart action.  I think it’s definitely worth Daywind taking a look.  Maybe release it to K-LOVE and some select CCM stations in larger markets just to give it a test run.  Those of you that have heard the song, what do you think?

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