Hidden Gems: Brian Free & Assurance – “Emmaus”/”More of Jesus”

I was listening to Brian Free and Assurance’s CD Things That Last Forever over the weekend, and came across these two songs. I couldn’t decide which one I wanted to blog as a hidden gem, so I figured I’d just tackle them both.

Emmaus – As a trio, BFA did some really contemporary flavored songs, this being a prime example. It’s a soft, midtempo tune that has verses sung by Brian, with smooth group vocals on the chorus. The harmony is very tight and polished, the track is not totally unlike what you would have heard from a 4Him or Sierra of the time. A great lyric and timely key change add the icing on the cake to this great, great tune. This is one of my favorite songs BFA has ever done.

More Of Jesus – This is an acoustic guitar driven ballad that features Kevin Price. Price had the type of voice that could handle both SG and CCM. He turns in a great performance on this song, and the group harmonies on the chorus are spot on. The absolutely gorgeous tag with each person singing “More” at staggered intervals leading to the “I wanna be more, I need to be more like Jesus” line is quite possibly the musical highlight of the disc, and one of the more moving musical moments of their trio days.

I may even do a classics review of this project sometime. I had forgotten what a great project this was, and what an edgy sound BFA had at the time.

About Wes Burke
I'm a .NET developer and Southern Gospel music fan. Married with a wonderful family.

5 Responses to Hidden Gems: Brian Free & Assurance – “Emmaus”/”More of Jesus”

  1. coomercove says:

    Wes, this will probably be my final “Hidden Gem” comment, because everyone is probably sick of me posting, “As always, we agree. That’s a great song!”

    Seriously, almost everyone of your Hidden Gems have been songs that I love. The two songs you picked out today are probably my two favorite songs that Assurance recorded as a trio. Another song from that time that I really like is “Only To The King.”

    And you really should review “Things That Last Forever.” I think that is one of Assurance’s best projects that they’ve done.

  2. burkesbrainwork says:

    Brandon, hey don’t stop posting. It’s nice to know that there are others out there who feel the same way I do about these easily overlooked tunes. Some of these I consider to be better songs than the “hits” from the projects.

  3. coomercove says:

    Ok, I’ll keep letting you know I agree.

    BTW, do you realize that we’ve been communicating online for going on 12 years? When I really got into SGM and looking for Gold City’s older material, your Unofficial Gold City page was my first stop for information. That was the winter before “Preparing The Way” came out in the summer of 1996.

  4. natesings says:

    Brandon, I first met Wes through that same GC site and later got to know him through Harold’s chat room. That was back when this whole internet thing was fairly new and we were content with dial up. I also had a huge 3 Gig hard drive at the time I was sure I would never fill up! lol
    Back to the post. This was my favorite CD that BFA did as a trio. Brian did some of his smoothest singing on this project and the black and white cover looked really cool! I don’t there was a bad or “filler” song on this project.

  5. burkesbrainwork says:

    What you guys aren’t mentioning is that my GC site was the ONLY GC site at the time, so naturally you’d check it first! 🙂 Seriously, I appreciate the props, and the insight you two so readily give in response to my posts. Somehow I knew I could count on you both as readers!

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