Greg and Charlotte Ritchie Depart from Jeff and Sheri Easter

After 12 years, Greg and Charlotte Ritchie have called it quits with Jeff and Sheri.  They’re moving to Nashville and awaiting their 2nd child.  While their primary stated reason for moving to Nashville is to be closer to family, Nashville makes sense in terms of employment as well.  Greg is an outstanding drummer, and I’m sure can find steady studio work in no time, if he doesn’t want to find another group.  Also, if Charlotte would like to continue singing, Nashville is definitely the place to be.  I do hope she continues to sing, she is an absolutely amazing vocalist, and I thought she was drastically underused with J&S.  Her second tenure with the Nelons produced some of the finest sounding recordings since Janet and Karen.  I hope she gets back on the road sometime soon, she has the talent to be one of SG’s premiere female vocalists.  Best wishes to all involved, as I am sure Jeff and Sheri are excited to have their children become more involved.

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I'm a .NET developer and Southern Gospel music fan. Married with a wonderful family.

46 Responses to Greg and Charlotte Ritchie Depart from Jeff and Sheri Easter

  1. Allen Edwards says:

    I for one disagree with your statement “…and I thought she was drastically underused with J&S.” She was not underused by them.
    She was hired as a background vocalist. If you have never been to one of their concerts, then I see why you think that.
    Charlotte was able to sing some of her songs at their concerts. They used the talents that Greg and Charlotte possess very well.

    I am pretty sad that they are leaving the group, however, it seems as if Jeff & Sheri’s children can step up to the plate now. I will not say it will be more of a family thing, for the Ritchies and the Easters were like family.

    Charlotte has a very very beautiful voice. As in Gloria Gaithers terms, “the voice of an angel.”

    So she was not undersued by Jeff and Sheri Easter, she bascially did what she was hired for. Not to mention, it did get her some more recognition in the Southern Gospel realm. So it actually helped her, so now if she wants to go solo, it would be a great idea.

    I am related to some of Southern Gospels finest groups. I must say that sometimes to get a good start, you need some sort of recognition. Some way to get your name out there, and to get your voice and/or musical talents heard by the fans of Southern Gospel.

    However, please keep in mind that Southern Gospel should not be about stardom or for fame, wealth or getting your name in Gold letters. It is for uplifting Jesus Christ, encouraging others, and leading the lost to Jesus. It is also there to let people know that there is hope, and to serve as a reminder that no matter what, tomorrow is a new day.

    So if any gospel music group or any Christian artist in any of the Christian genres out there are doing it for a show, for their edification and their own glory, then they best step down. Don’t get in the way of Jesus.

    If you wanna be a solider in the Army of the Lord, step asied and let the people see who is the actual writer of the songs, the actual hope in life’s hard times, Jesus Christ.

    • Tommy Greenlee says:

      You are so right,I feel she had benefited very well by being with Jeff and sheri easter.It is time for her to go it on her on.I to feel it should be Jesus first,she has a lovely voice.God bless those who are out singing Gods praises. God bless you all.

    • I just love and agree with this message so much this is the pure truth of how it should be! Thank you for writing this,let this be a reminder to us all! It is all about whom we serve, “JESUS CHRIST”
      In His service,
      Marla Ratliff

    • I agree with Allen Edwards message!

  2. Brenda Tolliver says:

    I absolutely agree that as we listen to Southern Gospel we are expected to be lifted up, blessed, encouraged..Recently I would much rather listen to Christian Music than to watch..I am turned off when I see the “Showmanship”. It takes my attention from the song and onto the “Act”…I do love “Southern Gospel” and certainly miss the times when the message of the song was more important than the “Act”….Thanks for allowing my comment…

    As for Charolette Ritchie…She has a beautiful voice and she will do great as long as God is in it…Good Luck to her…

  3. Daisy says:

    I think charolette has a beautiful voice, and I love her singing with the Easters. Obviously the time has come for her to move on and I wish them all the best……. Jamaica W.I.

  4. Kandy Bradley says:

    Charlotte Ritchie was as much an integral part of the trio as Jeff and Sherri Easter. I felt when being introduced as the Easters or Jeff and Sherri Easter that it was not at all fair to Charlotte. Irregardless of why she was hired, she was a gifted vocalist and at least should have been mentioned during introductions. I have two of her solo CDs as well as all the Easters Cds and I have seen them in concert 14 times so I believe I can truly say she will be missed dearly!! I just attended a concert in Moline, Il where it was just Jeff and Sherri and the beautiful harmony has been lost. It has nothing to do with Sherri’s illness etc. Charoltte’s voice gave the group a pure and sweet harmony that I will truly miss. Do not think for one moment that she ever asked for recognition. She replied to my comment after a concert when I voiced my disappointment that she was not being acknowledged as she should be and she said she didn’t miind, she was just happy to be a part of the group and to sing praise to the Lord. She said she felt priviledged to be on stage with Jeff and Sherri and was truly thankful that the Lord allowed her to do so. She is a wonderfullly genuine Christian and lovely person. Gloria Gaither was right, she has the voice of an angel!!!

    • D.B.Conner says:

      In reply to Kandy Bradley’s 12/19/2008 comment/post/reply – RE: Charlotte Ritchie – her God-given talent, was never recognized by the Easters like it should have been – & she was under used, as well, but yet so humble. You could just see it written all over her face. Just wantin’ to sing for God’s glory. K. Bradley – your comments are eloquently & well spoken, my sentiments exactly, nothing against the Easters, at all, because they, too have a great ministry, and have their place in serving the Lord, their audience, etc., but truly … their sound has just not been the same since Ritchie departed. There’s nothing like the sound of three (or four) part harmonyI I always felt in my heart that all the time Ritchie sang w/Easters, that she would eventually move on and be fully used & utilized by GOD – and she did! Hallelujah! Again, I share your thoughts, & I could not have said it better myself, as you openly & honestly stated! I love to listen to the sound of Ritchie’s very special & unqiue Heavenly voice!

  5. Atara says:

    I agree with Kandy. I thought it was wierd they called themselves “The Easters” when I found out CR was in the family. She didn’t come across as a simple background vocalist to me. Does she have a website?
    I heard The Easters on “Four” on the Gospel Music Channel. I dont’ think the pre-teen year old singing with them, daughter or not, can hold a stick to CR. Sometimes nepatism gets on my nerves.

  6. Ron Pennington says:

    Congtats Greg,

    You not only have a wife with the voice of an angel but the face of one also. Bescides the beauty of His spiret that comes through when she sings, I have yet to see such an angels face in all my life. (excluding my wife of 38 years)

    God bless you both as you continut to serve His direction.

    I wish I had a stronger left stick and could play the drums as well as you do.

    Love each other and always be thankful God has blessed you both with beauty deeper than outword looks. I will miss seeing that beautiful red hair.

    In His service,


    • shirley rice says:

      i agree they are a beautifully talented family and i did not like that she was not given any reconignation
      i remember when charolette was very young and on the homcommings and you know jeff and sherri was not that far ahead of her go back and look at the vedios they were all very new and believe and sherri’s only hit was speak to the mountain i think thats right because i bought all of there early cds

  7. ringtutaibou says:

    charlotte ritchi is amajing singer and she had a wonderfull voice, i wish her all the best n GOD bless.

  8. Ted Schmidt says:

    I have been blessed on the few occations I have heard Charlotte sing solo. Her contribution to the music of Jeff and Sherry was inspiring. The times Greg and Charlotte have ministered on the Gaither Gospel Hour live on, on the many Videos and DVDs that are in circulation. God has great things in store for the Richie family and will bless them beyond our short sighted imagination as they follow His leading.

  9. Mathiukungliu says:

    Even I found it strange why they called themselves ‘ The Easters’ while there’s a ‘Ritchie’ who is like a part of their body functioning and making it organic and complete to their harmony. But this only tells that she’s a humble person, one who’s concern is not recognition but surely singing unto the Lord. May they continue to maintain that spirit!!

  10. Christy says:

    I’ve loved and enjoyed Charlette’s singin always….her soft voice and beautiful blending in the Easter’s troop has always amazed me… am so sad that she has to leave them… i wish her the best in her future…

  11. Earle Carner says:

    I have watched Charlotte on the Gaither homecoming
    series, and enjoyed the exceptional talent, voice.
    and sweet personality that God has favored her with
    and her devotion and affection for her Lord that is
    evident in every performance. We wish God’s best
    for this couple as they wait on God for his direction
    in their lives.

  12. juugo says:

    although charlotte is departed from J&S she still have the sweetest voice ever and may god guide her and her family always.

  13. Jess says:

    I’ve met CR a few times after J&S concerts. She’s a class act with a voice that soothes what ails you. I see she still participates in Gaither concerts which is great.

  14. sophia says:

    charolette is the best singer..and greg ,the best drummer.. nice pair..may god pour out his choicest blessings. continue to serve for the lord… bell, india

  15. cleveland thomas says:

    I have enjoyed the combination of the Easters and Charlotte Ritchie. In life however every now and again one must make the decision to move on . Ms Ritchie will be missed by all who enjoyed her with the Easters . It’s her time to go solo and touch lives for Jesus. Continue the good work for the kingdom of God. Along with your husband raise a house hold of faith.

  16. Doris Stahly says:

    I have followed the Gaither’s for years now and Charlotte Ritchie has been my very favorite of all. The beautiful voice, that surely of an Angel will be sorely missed.
    She is so beautiful outside, but the most beautiful sweet person on the inside. I’ve spoke with her a couple of times in Anaheim when they appeared there and also have been very upset as to why no reference was ever made to her when they introduced “Jeff & Sheri Easter”. I have been bugged by that for a long time and am very glad that I wasn’t alone. I am praying that Charlotte will continue to bless many lives with her beautiful voice and sweet, sweet spirit. God Bless you and your family. I cannot believe Landon is 7 years old. I remember him as a tiny baby and now he sings with his Mom. What a doll!!

    • To find myself making comment to someone who doesn’t know me surprises even me. Your comments re Charlotte best describes what I would have remarked. I have found Charlotte so truly humble, so spiritual, looking like and having a voice like an angel with an outward beauty to match. I noticed when she sang with the Easters that she stood one step back and when the applause broke out and the cameras were focused she took a further step back. It was so touching to see. In my book there is no-one like her. To close, the duet with Ivan Parker with “Tell me the story of Jesus” on one of the Gaither shows was simply superb.

  17. the kid says:

    i have been to alot of j&s concerts and hey cr don’t need anyone crying over her she will stand tall alone she has got what it takes she has had some of the best groups now under her feet hey let her fly.has for the easters kid’s they have there on talent why beat them down they are good they are in there training years i think there daughter is doing a good job,she is a work in procress let the lord finish his work in her i have been moved to tears many times in concerts before cr ever came alone they have great talent.but i will say there is somthing special in cr voice that touches the deep heart,lets just see where they land then lets support them i do love me some easters i’m ready to hear them noe.

  18. just sayin says:

    Not to take anything away from Charlotte who obviously is an excellent talen in her own right, but Jeff and Sheri, from a business standpoint, can name the group whatever they want to — in this case, “The Easters” regardless of who else is in the group and what role or how good they are. Many groups over the years have used personal or family names as the group name but have had not-family members as part of the group. E.g. Gaither Vocal Band, the Steeles, Booth Brothers, Dove Brothers, Blackwood Brothers, etc. How about Bon Jovi (to get a non-southern gospel reference in here)? Much of that sound comes from guitarist Richie Sambora. I think the critics of Jeff and Sheri for their group name need to stop. just sayin’

    • quartet-man says:

      Yes, they had a right. However, the Easters would have been a better fit than Jeff and Sherri Easter as the Easters could include Charlotte even though she wasn’t related (the same way the Gaither Vocal Band does). However, to name the other two by name and not her sort of dismissed her contributions.Yes, some have background vocalists in pop or country, that don’t get recognized, but I think there are usually more than one. Furthermore, I think Charlotte was more of a harmony person / group member than just singing oohs and ahs which is what background singers do more of I think.

  19. Ronald Lee says:

    I first heard Charlotte Richie when she sang with the Nelons, what a beautiful voice! The next I heard she was singing with J & S. It has always bothered me that Charlotte “always” stood two to three feet “behind” Sherry, even Jeff did the same thing. Until at the end of her time with J & S, I actually heard Charlotte sing “one” word before Sherry followed. They always announced them as Jeff & Sherry Easter, no recognition was given to her at all. I saw Charlotte at the table after a Gaither Concert, I commented to her that I wanted to hear more of her; she has the most sweet spirt, was so humbled, and just dismissed it. This is truely someone who does not want the spotlight, her desire is to worship the Lord with the gift He has entrusted her with. I am very pleased that Charlotte and Greg have gone Solo,God will bless their Ministry. She sings like no other and I am blessed to have met her. Southern Gospel needs more just like her. Reggie

  20. Fred R Danels says:

    A beautiful lady with a beautiful voice. I hope the very best for CR as she performs, whoever for and with. Let the blessing of God through your voice continue to bless everyone. A song that CR sings with the Nelons (Walk out of this World) is always a blessing to me. I like to watch Rex announce and comment on CR. You’re a lst. class person. Thanks for your music and talents.

  21. Wayne says:

    Sorry they broke up,they were a great talent. Maybe after everything settles down, Charlotte can hire the Easters as back up singers.

  22. aavaz says:

    i greatly respect her for her humility and simplicity. Many times i’ve seen her sing wit wet eyes the love of God. It’s spontaneous. a heart dat surely does luv d Lord. moreover, her voice is really angelic. i jst want her to sing 4 d glory of God till her last breath, be it wit d Easters or alone.

  23. Mary says:

    I recently saw Jeff and Sherri with their kids at a Houston, Tx concert….I was in shock to learn Charlotte was no longer with them….I love Jeff and Sherri, but I did not enjoy them as much with the kids…..seemed more contemporary, or maybe even rock……did not enjoy as much as other concerts I’ve seen with them

  24. I always love Charlotte’s voice… and with the Easters… Hey!!! People are different in their own ways… Charlotte is unique in her own ways and so are the Easters… why talk about things that we are not really sure of… God is good, all the time… and God Loves all of us equally, so be good to everybody and bless their decisions….C.R was good with the Easters…they enjoyed their times together and its about time they move on…even though it is sad……and truly i miss their lyrics together with the Easters and am gong to miss Charllote’s voice together with the Easters..and i only Hope that she will keep on appearing in the Gaither Homecomings….God Bless

  25. Faleniu says:

    I remember my two year old daughter when she was only 5 months old when she first heard ”go rest high….” sung by Charlotte, her eyes just go watery, and she cried……. all along i thought….. may be she wants to be b/fed but after a while when ever ‘go rest high’ is played……she will just cry out as if she’s hurt. I think it is the way C.R sings the song and esp…her voice itself it is so enjoyable to listen to and her voice can express the message delivered in the song……..C.R….has a lovely voice that matches her characters…and i can say that she was good with the Easters and i believe that she also enjoyed her times with the Easters….. bless her in her new journey in her new career……….i would very much love it if she keeps on appearing in the Gaither h/comings.

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  27. maddie419 says:

    Cynthia Clawson Is a great singer, And has wonderful range. She has won many awards. But before the Lord calls us all home, IMHO, Charlotte Ritchie will be rated as one of the best Southern Gospel music singers of all time.

    • jesse says:

      YOU HAVE DONE THE RIGHT THING by leaving the Easthers , i have just about all of Gaithers videos and he mention who you very little , like you never existed.

  28. Charlotte for many years was the third equal part of a trio – serving without recognition. That is sad. What is critically necessary for us to take away from the Spirit-gifted lady’s attitude and actions is that her own solo career will be more the blessed because of her sweet and genuine humility. It is seldom seen in Gospel “performers.” Charlotte ministers and does not “perform.” May God richly bless her efforts with his grace to continue to be the genuine gift to the church which God has made her.

  29. Betsy Luckey says:

    I’m so glad Charlotte is on her own. I KNOW she did not sing for personal recognition; however, it is the responsibility of all of us to recognize the gifts and talents that God has given to individuals … and appreciate it, not just use it. When gifted singers constantly contribute and are never given any recognition, they are simply being used. That’s not “judging,” it’s simply recognizing “the fruits” — whether good or bad. Charlotte contributed so much to Jeff & Sherri Easter … and in the MANY live concerts I heard them, there was no recognition given to Charlotte. I heard them last year at the Bromley festival with their children & no Charlotte. It is an understatement to say they were greatly “lacking.” I have no reason to believe Jeff & Sherri and Charlotte left on anything, but good terms … but it is very evident that the majority of their “quality” left when Charlotte did. May God bless the Easters and Charlotte as they continue to use the gifts they’ve been given to serve the Lord.

  30. Evangeline says:

    I am from India and every time I see Gaither videos I always felt bad that Charlotte was not introduced. She was not just a background singer. It looked odd, even for a newly intoduced lister of Gaither music, and without knowing naything about CR, to see here not being mentioned, not one time, or two time, but for years. Her harmony was crucial in the song being liked. Nothing against Easters, but I am glad for CR


  32. December 3rd 2011 is a memorable day! Gaither vocal band was performing in Patriot Center, Washington D C. I was in attendance with two grand daughters 5 and 3 and half, daughter, son-law and wife.
    After Charlotte completed her songs my 3 1/2 exclaimed “that’s some singing lady”! This is how all of us enjoy her talent in singing and her contagious smile clubed with her GOD given beauty. Break time I went out found her to take a picture

  33. With my grand daughters by then the 31/2 girl slept. My daughter and self took pictures. Charlotte is so pleasant and down to earth lady with such pleasing disposition. I pray that GOD will continue to bless her singing, recordings and her family, in particular the drummer boy!!

  34. Salami says:

    I never knew CR was hired by the Easters. She’s a wonderful singer with a wonderful personality and like someone wrote, she’s a minister and not an actress. I wish her and Greg a fruithful and rewarding ministry.

  35. Bobbi B. says:

    I love her song that has the lyrics, “Sing me a Song about Heaven” … I have not been able to find it anywhere, does anyone know if that is the actual name? what a beautiful voice and testimony of things to come to those who are followers of Jesus Christ!

  36. Denny says:

    It appears Charlotte is doing fine on her own with several outstanding CDs to her credit and providing background on the CDs of many top southern gospel artists, not to mention her work with the Gaithers. It should not be forgotten that not only was she an integral part of the Easters but she had her start with the outstanding group, The Nelons. In my opinion, the Nelons group with Charlotte and Tammy Britton provided some of the finest harmonies one will find in this field. Check out “Well Done My Child”, “Didn’t He Shine”, & “He Could Have Answered With My Name” just to name a few. With other Nelons personnel, Charlotte was a big part of their outstanding hits and “That’s Enough” with her singing lead rose to the top of the southern gospel charts.

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