Canaan Revisited – Cathedrals “Statue of Liberty”

I got a copy of Canaan Revisited for Christmas, and while it is a pretty good compilation of the six artists mentioned, one thing struck me as a bit strange. The version of “Statue of Liberty” that was used on the CD is not from the Cats Canaan LP titled Our Statue Of Liberty, from the Roy Tremble era. Instead, the recording is of the Danny Funderburk era Cathedrals. Specifically, from the Especially For You album that was recorded on Benson’s Riversong label, if I am not mistaken. It seems odd that a reflection of a label’s history includes a song that was not on a recording released by that label. I’ve sent a query to Canaan records via their website, we’ll see what they have to say. It just seems a bit odd to me.

UPDATE:  According to a rep at Canaan, someone who had access to both masters apparently just chose the ’85 release over the ’74 release.  They are not sure exactly how or why, but that’s the explanation.  It’s a great compilation, it’s just weird that there is a non-Canaan recording on it.  Thanks to Canaan for the prompt reply.


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7 Responses to Canaan Revisited – Cathedrals “Statue of Liberty”

  1. dbmurray says:

    In 1997, Reunion Records released a compilation of their own 1980s and 1990s artists titled _Family Reunion_. The product was already in stores before they realized one of the songs didn’t belong.

    They had to recall it. They were too embarrassed to tell stores why, but a few of us figured it out! :o)

  2. DBM, I think I actually have that one somewhere…

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  4. Kyle says:

    I’ve always liked the ’85 version better, anyway. I wonder if Word bought that master, because when they released the “Southern Gospel Treasury” series a few years ago, they used that same cut. Word, as we all know, is the parent of Canaan.

  5. Kyle, that’s an interesting link. I wonder if the current Canaan compilers pulled the song from the Southern Gospel Treasury series without bothering to double-check.

  6. Kyle says:

    “Southern Gospel Treasury” also had the original cut for “Champion Of Love,” which has since been reclaimed by BMG when they reissued “Symphony of Praise.” Interesting indeed….

  7. John says:

    With all due respect to Kyle, the 1974 version is the one to have(if you’re unable to find the original recording of the song by the Couriers:-)). And since the compilation is called “Canaan Revisited”, and not “Canaan Artists Revisited”, it might behoove the company to reevealuate their choice.

    For collectors, that could be good news! If they change subsequent pressings, the original issue may become a collector’s item(rare among recent releases)!

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