CCM Vocal Groups – Move to SG?

There was an interesting thread a couple weeks ago on SGN about Point of Grace getting some airplay on SG radio with their new release.  Having listened to the clips in their online store, there really are several cuts that I could see hearing on SG radio.  Even more interesting though, is the statement made by one poster, ” Groups like POG are having a hard time finding a format where they fit in.”  Could this have possibly led to the demise of 4Him?  Could these groups (though there really aren’t many vocal driven groups left!) find a new home in Southern Gospel?  I don’t exactly envision POG singing the same material as say, The Perrys, but in the same vein as the Crabb Family or the McRaes, or even the current Imperials, then yeah, I could see that.  4Him’s Hymns CD could have had a couple plays on SG radio as well.  Though I mainly listen to SG, I enjoy the vocal driven CCM like the two aforementioned groups as well.  Also, by making a move into SG markets, groups like POG wouuld help infuse and introduce a broader, younger demographic to SG.  By listening for POG on SG radio, perhaps some kids would hear the Perrys or the Booth Brothers follow them and decide that this SG stuff isn’t just for old folks, but it really is some pretty good music.

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